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Grapes are getting a lot of attention lately because the dark variety burns fat more effectively and reduces the production of fatty acid. How does the dark grape do this? It’s all thanks to the fruits active ingredient. A new study has revealed that, eating foods that have high levels of the said compound eliminates metabolic disorders and control obesity. However, do not take a whole bottle of wine to get the benefits.

The Active Ingredient

The grape that we are talking about is the muscadine grape that is found in southeast USA. This variety of dark grapes has polyphenols that contain antioxidants that stops inflammation. The active compound that enables this fruit to burn fats is ellagic acid. This acid also acts as an antioxidant and can be found in other plants such as berries and pomegranates. A study showed that this natural antioxidant lowers lipids better than the other compounds of different dark grapes. It also fastens the process of oxidizing fatty acids and multiplication of fat cells to increase the rate of metabolism.

Add dark grapes to your diet and they will reduce the accumulation of fat in the liver and boost the body’s ability to burn fat. This will help you to lose weight.

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Source: Health Tips

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