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In this article we will present to you extremely simple and effective method for prevention and treatment using oil. It is a ayurvedic medicine’s method which is described in ancient Indian records.

Ayurvedic medicine recommends several methods of cleaning the body, and one of them is gargling with oil.

In this method, the removal of toxic substances is achieved by gargling with sunflower and sesame oil.

After you are done gargling, you must not swallow the oil. Instead, spit the oil and rinse your mouth.
This process allows the body to fight against diseases without any side effects.

How to gargle properly?

This treatment should always be done with cold pressed and unrefined oil.

It is recommended to practice this method using sunflower or sesame oil, but according to a number of practical experiences, you can use olive oil or any other cold pressed oil.

Also, for better effect, you can add a few herb-based drops in the oil, depending on the type of disease.

Add lavender oil for relaxation, rosemary oil for better circulation, chamomile oil against infections and anise oil for airways purification.

The treatment should be done on an empty stomach. You need to take a tablespoon of oil and gargle for about 15 minutes.

Since the oil absorbs harmful compounds and toxins during this process, you must not swallow it.

Oil-gargling can help you treat diseases such as:

  • Headaches
  • Toothaches
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Asthma
  • Eczema
  • Lung diseases
  • Arthritis
  • Intestinal and gastric diseases
  • Kidney, heart and liver diseases
  • Chronic blood diseases
  • Woman’s illnesses

In addition, this therapy whitens and strengthens teeth, stops gum bleeding and can treat periodontitis as well.

The secret to this method’s effectiveness is that during gargling, all six liters of blood flow through the salivary glands and thus the body releases harmful substances.

Simply said, oil cleanses toxins from the body.

Also this treatment can be used preventively because it strengthens the immune system and thus prevents different diseases.

If you want to use this therapy for preventing, practice it once a day, preferably in the morning, on an empty stomach.

For therapeutic purposes the procedure needs to be practiced three times a day before meals.

The duration of this treatment depends on the sickness and the body’s general condition. Roughly speaking, acute diseases can be cured in less than a week, while chronically diseases can be treated from several months to a year.

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