Having breast cysts and breast cancer does not have to be the same. Cysts in the breasts can be cured with natural medicine.
It is good to follow a healthy diet to prevent the appearance of cysts in the breasts or stop them from recurring after eliminating them. It can be a depurative diet, removing from it everything that increases the levels of toxemia.
If you have cysts of any kind you must avoid eating:

Simple carbohydrates: refined white sugar and refined white flour.

Saturated fats of animal origin such as meats and fatty meats.
Methylxanthines: those containing more this substance are: black tea, coffee, sugary soft drinks and chocolate. You should try to minimize the consumption of these foods.

Foods That Help Eliminate Cysts in Breasts
  • The vegetables and fruits that contain vitamin C, D, E and K help eliminate breast cysts and cysts in general.
  • Iodine helps reduce estrogen, also relieve breast pain.
  • The sesame seeds and sunflower seeds, hazelnuts
  • The evening primrose oil, take this oil helps reduce the discomfort caused by breast cysts and reduce breast tenderness.
  • Green Tea Extract
Remedies to remove cysts in the breasts
Aloe vera and carrot
Mix 100 ml aloe juice and 100 ml of carrot juice helps to eliminate cysts in the breasts. Divide the liquid in 3 portions, consume it 3 times per day 30 minutes before meals.
You can also combine aloe with lemon. 
Castor oil
Casters can be applied locally with castor oil to reduce inflammation and alleviate pain. They are left in contact with the breasts for an hour. Do this 3 times a week for 3 months until the cysts disappear and then you’ill do it once a week to maintain.
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