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Probably there is no person that does not love these small red beetles, especially the children. However, there are some types of ladybugs that can invade your home and cause harm. This particular type is called Asian lady beetles, which are quite different from the ordinary ladybugs and they can be dangerous.

The residents of Central Texas have reported that these beetles actually bite and feed on humans. Dr.Alex Wild, an entomologist from the University of Texas state that Asian lady beetles taste the things they land on.

This type of beetles originates from Asia, but in the US they were brought in the 1960s in order to help with pest control. However, their presence has gotten out of control and they have invaded people’s homes. They can cause serious damage of the property and it is of crucial importance to watch out for these beetles.

They can be orange to red in color with regular black spots on their wings and a dark M at the neck area. They live in green areas in the yards during the summer, but in the fall and winter they look for some warmer places such as houses and buildings.

What attracts Asian lady beetles is bright and illuminated surface, so that’s why they do not invade dark areas in your home. They are interested in places near some wood, contrasting colors, dark shutters on a white house or light windows.

When these beetles are disturbed, they emit an acidic yellow odor that could not be removed from the surfaces of clothes. If you touch some Asian lady beetle, make sure you do not touch your eyes because the acid can cause an allergic reaction.

Also, take care of your dogs, in Kansas, one outdoor dog started skipping meals and sleeping more. Soon, it started foaming at the mouth and the owner took it to a vet. The vet found 30-40 beetles at the roof of the dog’s mouth.

How to remove the Asian lady beetles?


Use some vacuum cleaner to get rid of these horrible beetles. Put some handkerchief between the dust bag and vacuum hose in order to trap them inside. You can also use broom, but there is a risk of getting that terrible secretion everywhere.

Seal Entry Points

This is one of the easiest and safest methods of preventing Asian lady beetles in your home. Seal any opening and crack in the spring and summer, check the pipes, fascia boards, wires, doors and windows.

If this method is still not the perfect solution then call some pest control company. They will spray some insecticides and you will finally get rid of these beetles. Make sure you do this before winter, the time when they invade your house.

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Source: David Wolfe

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