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It’s hard not to think it’s really 1984 – as in the 1984 of George Orwell’s book – sometimes. Big Brother is watching – and that includes Google.

That’s right. Your smartphone may be tracking you.

While that may sound crazy, you can see for yourself – just log into the Google account you use while on your phone and click this link.

This photo from AnonNews gives you an idea of what it looks like:

You can’t turn it off, either, not really, because Google still collects your data. 

Instead, consider these tips to minimize it’s impact on your life:

  • Turn off your location history. If you got to Google Maps’ location history section, then click the settings (the gear icon), you can turn off location history tracking. This doesn’t delete past data, but it prevents continued location tracking.
  • Erase the last thirty days of tracked history: On the location history page, beneath the calendar select your history from the last thirty days. Below that you should see an option to delete the history for the last 30 days.


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