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Kelley Eidem find out simple way of treatment while writing his book “The doctor who cures cancer.” While seeking support he impelled many people to his treatment.

You should be healthy to feel better!

In hope to intoxicate cancer, the modern medicine stubbornly is trying to include many ingredients for many years, but they also intoxicate the patient as well. Those cancer treatments are usually painful, expensive and made under frightening circumstances.

Luckily, this advanced cancer treatment does not cost much and it is not painful. He says that his was not scared because he knew what he was doing. He says that if something we all learned from curing cancer is “half killing the patient is a half successful treatment. In his case considering the many spots on his body, he knows that he was sick and he doesn’t need to get even sicker. He says, ”I needed to heal so I can be better.”

UCLA confirmed his method.

The UCLA researchers made a great turn in the research of the anti-cancer power of the chili peppers. They succeeded in lowering tumors to 80% compared to what is usually succeed with the toxic, by using the chili taste of the peppers habaneras. According to the statistic in the American state New Mexico, people have the lowest percent of death unlike the other 50 states of America.

For about 7 years, his success in curing cancer with the habaneras peppers was preceding the UCLA research. He did not lower his tumors for 80%, but for 100%. UCLA researchers confirmed his method that is an extremely powerful weapon against cancer. Therefore, if you do not like the peppers, you can replace them with ginger grind daily, not canned, and fresh. The ginger causes death to the cancer cells and his complete disappearance.


  • Habanero pepper or ginger
  • Slice of bread
  • Garlic
  • Butter
  • Tablespoon of haddock oil

The active ingredient of peppers and garlic is fast diffuser so you need to do this every day. First you need to grind one habanero pepper and put it on a slice of bread, use the seeds as well.  Next grind two garlic cloves, put them on bread, and cover them with butter. In addition, you will need to take one tablespoon of haddock oil, once or twice a day, every day as well. Taken the tablespoon of haddock oil before or after eating the sandwich, do not put the oil on the bread.  The best is to use organic or raw butter, do not use margarine of any kind. Ginger is almost much effective as the habanero peppers so those who cannot eat chili may use ginger.

How does the recipe function?

All his spots were gone for 4-5 days. He had dozens more, and a couple of day’s later 3 spots appeared again, so he started using the recipe again and they were gone in 4 days. He continued to use the recipe for the next six months and took a new bottle of haddock oil. There was not one spot appeared again.

If you have a problem like this, you have nothing to lose, and you can have everything. This works, it really works.

Stay healthy and positive! Share and make your loved ones aware!

Source: Make Your Life Healthier

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