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Chayote is known by different names in different cultures. In the USA, it is commonly called mirliton or pear squash, choko in Australia, chuchu in Brazil, sayote in the Philippines, pipinola in Hawaii and tayota in Dominican Republic.

Despite its different names in several languages, chayote (scientific name: Sechium edule) is known to be one of the most nutrient-rich foods globally.

The plant belongs to the gourd family and it can easily be recognized by its green color. The unique appearance of this gourd is that on the opposite end of the stem, it looks like an old person’s mouth without dentures! When cut open, there is only one soft seed inside.

Overall, chayote actually looks like a green pear with coarse skin. Looks can be deceiving because it might not look appealing but this gourd has a lot to offer.

Here’s why you should include chayote in your diet:


Anti-cancer:  Chayote is rich in vitamin C which is an effective antioxidant which is essential to protect our cells from free radical causing cancer. Based on research, it provides at least 17% (RDI).

Blood pressure:  Drinking chayote juice regularly helps to bring down blood pressure effectively.

Bone strength:  The excellent source of vitamin K and all the right nutrients in this gourd help to strengthen bone and teeth structure.

Brain health:  Getting forgetful lately? Add chayote in your juices daily to improve brain health. Chayote contains the necessary nutrients that help to enhance memory and brain function.

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Source: Juicing for Health

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