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Hydrogen peroxide is one of those essentials in any first aid kit. We use it as a disinfectant when we injure ourselves, we know it bubbles up when we apply it on the wound and it burns a bit but it’s a necessary part of healing.
Here are some amazing uses of hydrogen peroxide – you’ve probably never heard of. Note: make sure you use hydrogen peroxide to “HP” and the below uses the %3 concentration of HP that is often found in common stores rather than a %5 concentration)

Destruction of viruses- Just add three drops of hydrogen peroxide to your ears, and slowly let it drain. In the process, it will get rid of earwax along with any harmful viruses such as “swimmers ear.”
Elimination of pesticides- Soak vegetables in ¼ cup of HP and 3 cups of water for 30 minutes. Then rinse well and store in the refrigerator.
Kills off airborne germs- Add 1 pint of HP to 1 gallon of water, and then pour the solution to a humidifier. Your air will get cleansed while all airborne germs will be eliminated.
Clean toothbrush- Leaving a moist toothbrush overnight isn’t the best for oral hygiene. Soak in HP and you’re all set!
Helps with foot fungus- Mix together a 1:1 ratio of HP and water in an amber bottle and keep away from sunlight, apply to fungus directly.

Remove organic stains- Anything like sweat, blood, wine, or food stains can be dissolved with HP and a little laundry detergent.
Protection from swimmers ear- I bring this up in the form of a routine of cleansing your ear as a preventative measure, rather than a one-time fix as I had before.
Treat calluses and corns- Mix equal amounts HP and water and soak your feet to soften them.
Eliminate boils- Pour one cup of 35% HP into a bath and soak in the tub.Skin cleanser- Since HP has amazing anti-bacterial properties you can use it to clean your face and prevent skin problems! 
Wound cleaning and disinfection- Small cuts and lacerations of course will be able to heal faster unhindered by debris and bacteria!
Household cleaner- As a sanitizing agent HP is remarkably well-suited for the job! Use as a general, multi-surface cleaner!

Contact lenses cleaner- You can clean your contact lenses by leaving them in a diluted solution of HP to soak overnight.

Refresh reusable shopping bags- Especially if you carry packages of meat that are not always tightly packed and give under duress, do some sanitizing with HP!
Glass cleaner- Allow HP to sit on a mirror and bubble before wiping away!
Lunchbox disinfector- Lunches that leak can provide a shock under the microscope, use HP to cleanse it!
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