Here’s How to Get Fluoride Out of Your System – HealthyTipsAdvice

For those of you wishing to rid your body of fluoride, search no more: The answers are here.

In particular, we have two different remedies we’d like to share with you, both of which can help you flush fluoride from your body.

The first? Sweat. 

No, really – sweating helps your body remove toxins, and one of the best ways to sweat is in a sauna, which help your body rid itself of sodium fluoride and other toxins. 

Just make sure you drink plenty of water, too, as your body needs to stay well-hydrated to efficiently flush toxins out.

And the second? Selenium. 

Selenium is especially important for your ability to flush toxins because it’s needed by both your thyroid and immune system. 

As selenium is fat-soluble, however, you need to also be careful not to overdo it – the National Institute of Health recommends no more than 400 micro-grams daily. 

Best if you get it naturally in your diet – asparagus, broccoli, garlic, onions, and tomatoes are all great veggie sources!

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