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Every summer, everybody wants to learn how to swim due to the season’s calling. However, swimming is not just something that we can do every summer. It can also be a sport. And it can also be a good habit.

Swimming is good for your mental and physical health. It is a sport and workout that can be done without overheating yourself or even dropping a sweat as helps you cool down while in the process. It truly is the perfect sport.

Here are 10 of the sport’s less obvious benefits:

1. Kids Who Swim Become Active Adults
Once you try it, you can never get enough of it. Most children who tried swimming at a young age stays in shape and avoids obesity. It also gives kids endurance, strength, and flexibility.

2. Swimming Makes You Smarter
Like regular exercise, swimming can help improve memory function and thinking skills. Regular exercise reduces inflammation and insulin resistance in the brain, which also promote new brain cell growth. Swimming can also improve mood, anxiety, and stress.

3. Swimming Burns More Calories than Jogging
You can burn more calories swimming laps around the pool than you can running laps for an hour because swimming uses your whole body in the process. Another advantage of it is, you’ll rarely feel very tired due to the water’s cooling effect.

4. Swimming Slows Down Aging

Regular swimming can delay the effects of aging as it helps the circulation of blood and improves muscle elasticity. Since it is a low-impact sport, it is perfect for people of old age.

5. Swimming is Good for Asthma
Swimming is also a good breathing exercise and is great for people who suffer from chronic lung conditions such as asthma. Swimming is the best exercise for asthma patients because the moisture from the water replaces the moisture expelled during vigorous breathing.

Now there’s no more reason not to workout. In this sport, you can have fun while trying to make yourself fit and health. Jump in and enjoy!

Stay healthy and positive! Share and make your loved ones aware!

Source: Swimming World Magazine

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