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Sore throat is caused due to yelling, singing, illness, stress or anxiety and according to Dr. Oz acid reflux or heart burn. He suggests quitting smoking and cutting out caffeine, chocolate, and alcohol from your diet to get rid of the problem.

A few home remedies to treat voice cracking and similar throat-related problems:

Elevator slides. With this vocal exercise make the sound “eeeeee” and “aaaah” from a low to a high pitch and back down

Tablespoon of honey. You can cure sore throat with a tablespoon of honey due to its anti-microbial coating according to YogaWiz

Steam. The extra moisture from taking a hot shower a bowl with hot water will help keep the vocal cords moisturized according to Mother Nature Network.

Gargle salt water.  According to Mother Nature Network, you can cure sore throat by mixing hot water with half a spoon of salt.

Suck on ginger. According to Mother Nature Network, sucking on candied ginger or drinking a piping hot cup of fresh ginger tea will help your sore throat due to anti-inflammatory properties.

Onion syrup. According to Style Craze mix chopped onions and water to make soup. You can add lemon juice and honey to improve the taste.

Eucalyptus. Add a few drops of this oil to water and inhale for 10 minutes to cure sore throat. It has anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-viral properties and it will soothe and cool your throat.

Chewing gum. According to University of Maryland Medical Center Chewing gum keeps your throat moisturized and cools it.

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Source: Health and Wellness 365

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