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Studies have shown that regular s** is necessary for mental and physical health, and the best sense of happiness and joy of life. It acts as an antidepressant  reduces stress, relaxes and positively affects the appearance of the skin.

It is also proven that having intercourse regularly increases the “life” of people. Those who have more orgasms have a twice lower mortality rate of those orgasms that are rare. This is due to the fact that s** significantly reduces stress, which is the cause of many diseases.

Sure, everyone wants a healthy s** life but what does that mean exactly?

While we cannot offer a personalized definition of a healthy sex life, we can present how often you should be making love according to your age, thanks to a research paper by the Kinsey Institute published in 2005 as well as a few other studies. These should be taken as reference and not as a sole indicator of sexual health and happiness.

First of all, let’s take a look at the average age of first intercourse.

According to the Kinsey Institute, most of us first had our “first experience” when were just teenagers. The average age for males was 16.8 years and for females, 17.2. For their own reasons, there is a sizable population of people who remain virgins.

  • Age Range: 18 – 29 years old

As you might’ve guessed, on average younger adults are having the most action. The report says that they have intercourse about 112 times a year.

  • Age Range: 30 – 39 years old

There are so many things that change in your thirties. By this time, many people choose to settle down in their careers, get hitched, and start their own families, but not all do. The average number of times per year for this age bracket is 86, which is still at least once per week.

  • Age Range: 40 – 49 years old

There was a 7 percent difference in sexual activity between the first and second age groups, which didn’t seem like much. However, the difference between the first age group and this one is much larger at 12 percent. Those in their forties are having sex about 69 times a year.

  • Age Range: 50+

Some people have reported having the best sex of their life in their fifties. Part of the reason for this is because they have a lot more free time. In previous years, they were focused on raising the children.

About half of the couples in their sixties and seventies continue to be sexually active. However, this number drops to a fourth in ages 75+.

Remember that these numbers come from a survey, which includes only a small sample of the population. A number should not dictate the health of your relationship.

Source: All Day
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