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Pandan, a tropical plant known for its unique flavor and smell, doesn’t just serve its purpose to sweeten and add aroma to our favorite desserts.

It also has various of health benefits and uses to different parts of our bodies. Here it as follows:

1. Hypertension 

It can reduce high blood pressure or hypertension. As it help to normalize blood pressure, it helps to prevent heart problems or diseases like coronary artery disease.

 2. Insect Repellant

Pandan leaves can also be used as a mosquito and cockroach repellant. You can try to apply high concentrations of pandan extract on the skin or spray pandan leaves tea around the house to keep off from cockroaches. 

 3. Nerves Stimulation

Pandan helps promote nerve stimulation in the body.  Fresh pandan leaves are boiled with three cups of water.  The water is separated from the residue and is consumed as much as one glass in the morning and in the evening. This can help people with hand tremors and tingling sensations in their extremities. 

4. Healthy Hair and Scalp

Pandan can help blacken hair and manage dandruff. For the hair, just boil evenly chopped pieces of fresh pandan leaves, and  allow it to condense overnight. Mix it with the juice of three ripe noni fruit before applying it on your hair. Rinse it after.

To manage dandruff, make a powder out of the landan leaves and apply it on your scalp. 

5. Pain

It can relieve headache and arthritis, as well as reduce the pain in ear pains and chest pains.  It can also decrease stomach spasms and a useful aid for women who just gave birth. 

Source: Healthy Builderz
Image: New Flavor House

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