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With everything many people need were already embedded in a single device, being stuck in our smartphone seems like inevitable nowadays. 

Social interaction, online streaming, the convenience, entertainment and a lot more the device has to offer have been a major part of our daily living that we can’t help not to get too attached. 

Millenials, who has been its primary consumers, appear to be affected mentally and physically ranging from mild to devastating impacts. 

Virtual connections already overtook genuine and quality connections in many social media platforms. 

Here are four ways to get over your smartphone and to avoid its overwhelming impacts. 

  • Create a Schedule

Set a schedule on when you will expose yourself to digital technology. Prioritize tasks of productivity and let your spare time from your allotted schedule be given to social media scrolling. 

  • Production over Consumption

Instead of just scrolling and consuming stuff you see online, it would be better to utilize these platforms to produce content and connect with people of same interests. It seems like plain consumption will just give us anxiety or depression because of accumulated feeling of being less than. 

  • Recharge 

Unplug, recharge, and keep yourself off from constant checking, and replying. When done consistently, It can let you focus to other stuff away from your phone. 

  • Sleep

Turn off your phone, or turn off notifications and sleep. 

Source: Huffpost
Image: The Other Angle

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