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There were times that you found yourself in a situation where you didn’t know how to stop bleeding from a cut? Well, cayenne pepper can stop bleeding in 10-60 seconds.
 The mechanism behind this magic has to do with how cayenne pepper reacts with the body. What happens is that the spice can equalize the blood pressure (i.e. stop the gushing). This means the blood will clot much more rapidly.
Dr. John Christopher in his book School of Natural Healing explains:
“…take a teaspoonful of cayenne in a glass of extra-warm water, drink it down, and by the count of ten, the bleeding will stop. Instead of all the pressure being centralized, it is equalized, and the clotting becomes more rapid. Whether the bleeding is internal or external, a teaspoon of cayenne taken orally in a glass of hot water will stop the bleeding quickly.”
It also accelerates the healing process for infections (for minor cuts), because it has potent antibacterial properties which destroy bacteria that can potentially wreak havoc in your body.
The video below explains the details:
How to Stop a Cut from Bleeding
Apply direct pressure on the cut with a clean cloth, until bleeding stops.
Gently clean with soap and warm water.
Apply the cayenne pepper as described to reduce the risk of infection.
Cover with a sterile bandage.

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