I Placed This in the House Corners and next Day All Cockroaches Were Long Gone – HealthyTipsAdvice

It is a nasty sight to see a cockroach in your home. 

These suckers like to stay hidden in dark areas and come out during the night. 

They also spread illnesses, which makes them the more reason to be exterminated. Many companies sell products that are filled with toxic chemicals and aren’t cost-effective. 

This natural solution will keep your family safe and can be made from household items. 

The method is cheap and safe for pets and humans, so no worries using it. All you will need is 1 tsp of baking soda and an onion. 

Cut up the onion and apply it to the baking soda.

After, place the solution in corners around your house.

Keep your attention towards the kitchen and bathroom, where cockroaches are commonly found.

This solution will effectively eliminate cockroaches that are found in disgusting areas like dumpsters, dirty corners, and drains.

They even carry disgusting, harmful bacteria with them. 

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