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Recent research discovered that even 87% of the women suffer from joint pain due to uncomfortable shoes. Yet another study showed that working women suffer from neck pain more than working men.

Osteoarthritis is more common in women. Nevertheless, it is pretty difficult to determine why women are more prone to some types of pain than men.

Luckily, there are some natural solution to these kinds of pain, and bellow you can see some of the most effective ways for releasing the most common pains from which women are suffering.

Problems with knees

The most common factors that are contributing for this kind of pain are:

– Pregnancy
– Uncomfortable shoes
– Motherhood
– Anatomy

  • Solution: using 1,200 milligrams of honfroitin sulphate and 1,500 mg of glucosamine three times a day can help to regenerate the connective tissue. However, there are other things that will help such as loosing weight, regular exercise and the exercises from the discipline Tai Chi twice a week can help reduce the pain in the knees.

Pain in legs

High heels are one of the biggest enemies of women’s feet. Wearing high heels results in pressure in your toes and it causes twisting in the knee. It can also causes inflammation of the heel and elbow. Many women all over the world are dealing with abnormal growth of the thumb bone.

  • Solution: The best solution to this problem are ortopedic shoes. Wear high heels only when necessary and with silicone pads in order to avoid the pressure and further complications. The inflammation is know bunionitis, and in order to prevent it, you should wear shoes with enough space for your toes. 

Problems with hips

Women are more susceptible to pain from the Trochanteric syndrome than men, and it causes pain in the upper thigh where the hip is merged. It can be caused by muscle weakness which is attached to the hip. This kind of hip pain can also be caused by excessive running.

  • Solution: In order to prevent this syndrome, you must strength the gluteal muscles of the buttocks, quadriceps and all the muscles of the legs in generall. Best exercises are squats, alternating step with angle of 90 degrees on one foot and all known exercises for the buttocks.

Back pain

One of the most common problem that people are facing is back pain. As we previously mentioned, women are more affected by lower back pain than men. The main cause for this pain is the pregnancy, according to doctors.

  • Solution: 240 mg extract of salicin of willow bark and extract of 50 grams of diabolical claws can help to alleviate the back pain. However, acupuncture has proved to be more effective than physical therapy and traditional medicine for pain.

Pain in shoulders and neck

Working women suffer from pain in the neck three times more than men in their office. The main reasons are sitting for a long period of time, stress and carrying of heavy bags. As a result, the circulation weakens and the shoulders and neck are suffering.

  • Solution: People who exercise at least three times a week are less likely to suffer from these types of pain. All you have to do is to perform simple movement like looking through other arm up and down and touching the ears to the arms.
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