If You Have This Condition Which No One Talks About, This Article May Save You! – HealthyTipsAdvice

Almost no one talks about potassium deficiency, but it is a condition that affects overall muscle performance and heart rate. The scientific name for this is hypokalemia.
Although we naturally get potassium from the food we eat, we lose it just as fast by sweating and other excretory measures. An extreme case of this may lead to death so it is crucial to watch your potassium. Here are some tips to balance out the deficiency:

– Eat potassium rich foods like bananas, broccoli, tomatoes, potatoes, and oranges.
Potassium pills and Gatorade are a great alternate source for this.
-Consult your doctor on your potassium levels. Consult a nutritionist for the best diet for you.
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