Do you have chin dimples and what they mean? This article will show you what the causes are, their meaning and the personality of people with dimples on their chin.
Although most people, especially women with chin dimples hate it, it is attractive. Also, the personality of these people is interesting.
These dimples make the person be noticeable because they seem like an imperfection on the chin area.
Many celebrities have cleft or dimple on their chin, including Sandra Bullock, Russell Crowe, John Travolta, Jessica Simpson, etc. no one should be embarrassed for having dimple-cleft chin as it looks really nice and makes you more attractive.
Genetics and Cleft Chin
Dimple in the chin can be caused by genetics. The mentalis muscle fails to close at the chin, which leaves a gap. However, genetics does not mean that their children will inherit his chin dimples automatically because the gene must be dominant and recessive no.

The dominant gene causes cleft chin. Although you may have chin dimples, your parents may never have had them. This means some other relative may have had it. It may take up to five generations before the chin dimples appear in your family.
People with a dimple on their chin are attention-seekers, but other people don’t hate it because these people with dimples are very fun to be around. They tend to flirt and they are really good at it. Their sexual nature is powerful and rather entertaining.
 Persons with a dimple on their chin seem more emotional than others. They cry easily, no matter they are sad, happy, excited or passionate. There is a difference between a cleft in the chin and a dimple in the chin. The cleft is more noticeable and prominent that a dimple, and so is the desire for attention and appreciation in the person as well.
Cleft chin people’s feelings usually can be deeply hurt when their partner doesn’t want intimacy all the time. Also, these people have troubles separating their sex or intimacy rejection from their partner’s rejecting them forever. They believe that physical love is proof of their emotional and spiritual love.
Moreover, these people fear of rejection, which can be painful for them, but also for their partners as well. The frequent need for assurance can cause addictive behavior. Anyway, this does not mean all people with cleft chin are affection or sex addicts.

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