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When it comes to avoiding breast cancer, it turns out one nutrient in particular could prove quite important.

And that nutrient is iodine. While iodine is commonly associated with the thyroid, women actually store more iodine in their breasts, making it a crucial part of breast health. Several studies have found that iodine-deficient breast tissue is far more likely to become cancerous.

Low iodine levels can be a trigger for raised estrogen production, which in turn has been linked to a raised risk of reproductive cancers. Low iodine also increases estrogen sensitivity in the breasts, meaning they take up more estrogen, which has also been linked to increased susceptibility to breast cancer.

This is particularly illustrative when we look at Japan, where breast cancer rates are 66% lower – and iodine intake is much, much higher. Japanese women on average consume between 3 and 13 milligrams of iodine daily; the USDA recommended intake is 150 micrograms, in comparison.

While most Americans have historically received their iodine in salt, as more women prefer low-salt diets, this doesn’t always work. There are natural sources to consider, however, including seafood (salmon, lobster, tuna, and shrimp, particularly), cranberries, unpeeled potatoes, navy beans, and eggs. 

The best source, by far, however, is seaweed, which has 10 times more iodine than any other food.

Protect yourself from unnecessary risks and beat cancer the right way, through proper diet protecting you from the inside out.


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