Leasked Footage: Here’s What Monstrous Things They Do For The Sake Of The Meat Industry – HealthyTipsAdvice

How much do you really know about industrial chicken farming, or even about the hatcheries needed to make American chicken production possible?

Animal Equality investigators have recently released a new video that shows just how horribly cruel many of them, and we promise this footage may well shock you.

“They are in the hands of the cruel meat industry. These fragile creatures spend their first day of life in an industrial incubators. They are treated as mirror machines, processed as if they were parts in an assembly. There is not the slightest sign of compassion for them, only disregards towards their life. Instead of spending their first day in the warmth of their mother, these little chicks spend the first day in a nightmare…”

The footage below may shock you, and horrify you, but is no less important. Watch to learn more:

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