Look Well at These Two Moles! If You Have Them You Should Know That One of Them Is A Potential Cancer! – HealthyTipsAdvice

Everyone has moles on the skin. A mole usually appears as a brownish spot caused by clusters of pigmented cells. It appears anywhere in our body and are usually harmless. 
You should not ignore moles, you must see your doctor regularly to check every mole, every change on the skin and protect it from the sun rays.

However, it is possible to be fatal to your life. It is important to consult your doctor or a dermatologist about suspicious skin mole.  Check your skin mole regularly, looking for any new skin moles as well as changes in the moles you have already. So you should not ignore moles on your skin which may be benign now, but you can never know when they become malignant.
On the picture above, you can see two moles. Unfortunately, one of the moles is like a time bomb which can explode at any time. The right reddish mole who actually looks more like a pimple or a zit, but it is always there.

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