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Ms. Jill Redwood lives sustainably in her off grid home with little to no need of help from outside assistance. She’s being do so for 30 years!

It’s not for everyone but off grid living is a much different lifestyle but in the end let’s you be on the outside of society and the mind control we unfortunatly live under nowadays. If you’ve ever felt like just selling everything you own, packing up and saying goodbye to the ‘real world.’ Well, you are not alone. Off grid living is actually becoming more and more popular over the years. Plus it’s not so bad to know a thing or to about it in case you had to one day live off grid. 

Redwood is an environmental activist and writer. She has been living in her off grid home in which she made entirely out of reused and recycled materials. 

Jill Generates all her power by sloar energy and collects her water from a creek.

“Jill Redwood has lived a remarkable life. As one of the original alternative lifestyle’ pioneers to move to Goongerah in remote East Gippsland over 30 years ago, she has devoted her life to saving the local forests and environment more generally.” – Rachael Lucas

Here is a video of Jill Redwood:

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