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It is estimated that 27 million people are living with a thyroid disorder and are not aware of it.

The butterfly-shaped thyroid gland is located in the front of the neck, as shown in the picture above. As you can see, it is a rather small gland but with important responsibilities. If it’s overactive, it develops hyperthyroidism producing too much of TH hormone. On the contrary, if the gland is under-active, it develops hypothyroidism, producing too little of the TH hormone.

Anxiety For No Reason
If you’re a person who often stays calm, but is now getting worried and anxious about almost everything easily, you need to check your thyroid levels soon.

Sudden Weight Gain
There are many causes of weight gain, but as WebMD explains, sudden and unexpected weight gain can be a cause for concern. Dr. Miller says that a lot of people show up in his office precisely because of this reason. They complain to gain weight despite exercising and not eating more than usual. In such cases, the reason is likely to be hypothyroidism.

Muscular Pain or Tightening
Thyroid disorder can be the culprit of random, unexpected and weird numbness or tightening in the feet, arms, and legs. Dr. Miller explains that the nerve which transmits signals from the brain to the rest of the body can be damaged, if there’s a lack of thyroid hormone. This will result in unexplained twinges and tingles.

Period Changes
A thyroid problem can also affect your menstrual cycle. Your periods may be late, longer and heavier than normal if you have an underactive thyroid. Your periods may be shorter or lighter than if you have an overactive thyroid.

Too Much Energy
An overactive thyroid will speed up all of the processes in the body. That is why you may feel as though you have too much energy if you have an overactive thyroid. In fact, you may feel as though you have drank several cups of coffee even when you are relaxed.

Throat problems
As you know, the thyroid gland is located around the neck so it’s possible that thyroid disorder will cause some discomfort. If you notice a lump on the throat or frequent itching, see a doctor.

Hair Thinning
An underactive or overactive thyroid can affect the way that your hair grows. Your hair may continue to grow if you have a thyroid disorder. However, it may start to thin in certain places.

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Source: Nature Healthy Family

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