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One of the most commonly occurring and least talked about feminine concern is vaginal odor. Vaginal odor is a very common health issue that almost every woman has to deal. This problem could be caused by poor hygiene, yeast infection, STD’s, overgrowth of bacteria and hormonal changes.

It is normal for your vagina to have a slight odor, but a strong vaginal odor for instance, a “fishy smell” — might be abnormal and could indicate a problem.
An abnormal vaginal odor is usually associated with other vaginal signs and symptoms such as itching, burning, irrition or discharge.
There are a lot of home remedies and natural tips on how to get rid of vaginal odor. 
1. Keep yourself clean 
*Cleanliness is always the best way to fight off odor. Avoid using soap. Use lukewarm water without soap to clean your vagina. 

2. Be wary of scented products
*Avoid using perfumes and scented soaps in your vagina to ‘overcome’ the bad smell for it will irritate the sensitive skin of your vulva and mucus membranes inside.
3. Keep yourself dehydrated
*Drink enough water. Water keeps the vagina moist and lubricated. Dryness can cause irritation and comfort. It can also make sex painful.
4. Yogurt is your friend
*Yogurts are full of probiotics that does not only keep your digestive tract healthy — and your vagina, too. They help prevent urinary tract infections, yeast infections, and vaginosis. The calcium in yogurt is also a great bonus, and can even ease PMS symptoms.
5. Eat lots of fresh fruit
*Eat apple, pineapple, mango, blueberries, watermelon, strawberries, watermelon, strawberries, citrus fruits and cranberries. 
Regular check-ups will also keep your vaginal health updated.

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