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A good memory is something that is necessary for students and workers who are indulge with many memorization tasks. However, there are instances that we couldn’t help but forget some of what we need to remember. 

May it be for an examination at school or your employer’s special orders to take note of. While its impossible to completely and accurately remember everything, a sharp memory is a good skill one must have. 

Here are four effective ways for boosting your memory:

1. Brain Games

Playing a specific memory games has the ability to improve the ability of your brain to remember things much clearer. However, this doesn’t increase one’s intelligence but is effective in exercising your capacity to memorize. 

2.. Aerobic Exercise

A recent study has proved that aerobic exercise helps to increase the memory even of adults over the age of 50. Apparently, these exercises gives way for higher relaxing cerebral flow of the blood in the anterior cingulate region of the brain 

3. Lessen Alcohol Intake

The Huffington Post have reported, “Middle-aged men who drinks more than two and a half drinks each day will eventually show signs and symptoms of memory loss, as well as cognitive decline for at least six years sooner than men who are light drinkers or actually avoids drinking.”

4. Lose Belly Fat

Abdominal fat can actually result to dementia that is connected with a failed memory. Obese people were three times more likely to develop memory loss.

According to Medical daily, “When the abdominal fat was excessive for the liver to store of PPARalpha, the liver will start tapping into the reserves of PPAR in other parts of the, which includes the brain.” They have added, “Soon, these proteins will become depleted, which will lead to memory, as well as learning impairment.”

Source: Read and Digest
Image: Cell Staff

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