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In Statesville, North Carolina, the Fellowship Baptist Church came up with an idea to promote equality on their sign in front of the church. For a few reasons it is shocking.

Implying that equality is great, but it isn’t logical of them to not clarify further. They could be making a reference to LGBT equality despite the topic being highly debated in the state, however, Baptists have a long history of being against civil rights for African-American’s, as well as rights for women. 

To sum it all up, the church is always wrong when the topic arises. For them to be vocal about “equal rights,” comes off as weird, especially for members of the Fellowship Baptist church. 

The many people who are vocal in their support for equality, makes them super heroes to those in need of acceptance. This church has only portrayed the LGBT community as part of the devil’s work. 
If equality was demanded by Satan, then he seems to be no fan of judgment. The Satanic Temple even agreed with the Baptist church’s message:
Soon after, the church made the decision to remove the message displayed on their sign, and de-activated their Facebook account.

This came after a statement was made: 

The church sign that was in the news was NOT meant to offend ANY people, group or compare ANYONE TO Satan. That is not what we teach and preach! It was speaking about our adversary the devil who did want to be God. We pray that the LORD would bless any who were offended!

How can a sign protesting against equal rights not rile people up?

This was the main objective here. Baptists preach and teach members to oppose LGBT rights. It also shows that they were praying for God to “bless any who were offended” rather than make an apologetic remark to those offended by their misleading message. Any blessing from them is a crooked one. Some of us will stand up to these churches and rally, vote, and fight for equality (even for Baptists).

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