During rainy season it is very hard to dry our clothes outside. Nevertheless, doing it inside can be seriously unhealthy. Everyone at least once in their lives has heard about drying laundry in the rooms we live because of the evaporation from the laundry being harmful to our health.
Craig Mather a 43-years old from Bolton, ignored all the warnings he saw about this, but some time later after drying laundry in his house for a longer period of time, he found out he had gotten himself a lung infection.
He suffered some serious lung problems due to mold spores as a result from drying clothes on the radiator in his living room.
“It was only when I got diagnosed with chronic pulmonary aspergillosis that I started to recover and then I was prescribed the specific medicine and drugs to fight the fungal infections in my body” said Mather, father of three children, writes

Craig was told by the doctor that his problems could have become worse if he continued drying his clothes this way, and since then he hasn’t dried a single piece of clothing indoors for the last 12 months.
The improvements in his health were huge.
His experience is one of the many cases that stand out. Experts warn us about how this small thing we do can pose a serious threat to our health.
The clothing, when set on a radiator, raises the humidity level in the home up to 30% and creates ideal conditions for development of mold spores.
“A whole bunch of washed laundry has almost 2l of water that is released into the room.
Many  individuals are immune to any infections that grow in these wet conditions, however patients with asthmatic problems may experience other problems with coughing and breathing difficulties and with people with weak immunity such as cancer patients and patients with AIDS, fungi can cause pulmonary aspergillosis.

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