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I read an interesting study involving Brazil nuts and their effect on cholesterol levels. 

Ten men and women were given a meal with, zero, four, eight, or one Brazil nuts. The researchers concluded that consumption of one serving lowered the levels of LDL (unhealthy cholesterol) in about 9 hours after consumption, and those who didn’t eat Brazil nuts, saw a lower drop (nearly 20 points a day). 

Many pharmaceutical drugs aren’t able to work instantly. Statins take about 4 days for a patient to feel any effect. 

That’s not the most interesting part. Five days later the researchers did another test on cholesterol 5 days later and then 30 days later. LDL cholesterol levels were found to be decreasing each day. 

Also, they didn’t eat Brazil nuts during that whole time. 

They only had one serving a month and their LDL levels dropped. Shockingly, the Brazil nut industry hand part in funding the study.

Study results showed that eating 4 nuts worked faster in lowering bad cholesterol and increasing healthy cholesterol, than eating 8 nuts did. Study results prove that consuming 4 Brazil nuts a day is sufficient to stabilize HDL and LDL cholesterol levels for 30 days, possibly a little longer, yet he study hasn’t tested past the 30-day mark.

When a study first rolls out, especially one that shows remarkable results, you will want to hold off making recommendations to your patients until the results are seen in clinical studies. 

The researchers say one serving of Brazil nuts was adequate “without producing kidney and liver toxicity.

They say this in reference to the nuts high selenium content. It is abundant in selenium, so if eaten too much, it can push us way over the maximum daily limit.

However, if you eat only 4 a month, then there is no problem to worry about!

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