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As science continues to advance, we continue to learn more about the dangers of glyphosate. The active ingredient in Roundup, Monsanto regularly claims glyphosate is safe – but we know better.

According to Dr. Stephanie Seneff, a senior research scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), glyphosate appears to be strongly correlated with the rise in celiac disease.

Research published last December bears this out, as well – as you can note in the interview below.

In particular, there are several key findings you should be aware of:

  • Glyphosate prevalence has risen and matches similar rises in the increased use of GMOs and in chronic diseases
  • Glyphosate-treated wheat has been linked to celiac disease – which is most commonly blamed on gluten instead
  • Glyphosate additionally disrupts gut processes that are considered part of celiac disease
  • Glyphosate has been linked to several diseases that are more common in celiac sufferers than in the normal population – including certain cancers
  • Glyphosate promotes mineral deficiencies
  • Glyphosate has likewise been linked to autism, Parkinson’s, infertility, and more

As the only way to avoid glyphosate is with a wholly organic diet, this can appear bleak for most people – but as more consumers shop organic, it becomes more widespread. Using your pocketbook helps amplify your voice – and helps improve others’ lives as well.

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