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As March Against Monsanto reports, a new GMO process may open the door for bee-free farming. Whether or not that’s a good thing is a subject of much debate.

As colony collapse disorder (CCD) continues to drive bee populations to historic lows, scientists are beginning to look at ways that traditional American farming might survive even if bees completely vanish. 

Their solution thus far hardly looks like traditional American farming, however – as it relies heavily on new GMO processes.

In particular, food geneticists are trying to create breeds that would be completely seedless, and as a result, not require pollination via bees. While some crops – such as cucumbers, pineapples, and tomatoes can already reproduce without pollination, those crops are by far the exception in the natural world.

Proponents of the new techniques argue that not only is it safe, but it may also be faster than traditional bee-based breeding. Critics, however, note that Monsanto and others have regularly argued things are safe – only for the science to later prove otherwise.

As a result, regulators may be asked to safeguard our foods for us – and given their tortured history in many countries, the United States in particular, one can only wonder if that’s a reasonable request.

You can learn more about gene editing by clicking here. You can also read the full New Scientist article on bee-free seedless GMO food creations by clicking on this link.

You can also watch a video below:

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