Pot Smokers Wanted! Researchers Seek 25,000 Cannabis Users for Study – HealthyTipsAdvice

Given how easy it is to be duped by less than reputable stories, it may seem like this story is too good to be true.

But in this case? It’s true! Berlin’s Research Initiative on Cannabis Consumption will, with government approval, be looking for recreational weed smokers in order to better understand the effects of regular marijuana use over years of use.

The number of tokers they’re looking for? 25,000!

As part of the study, those selected would be permitted to pick up 30 grams of pharmaceutical cannabis, usually reserved for MMJ patients, on a monthly basis.

The only restrictions? Participants must be at least eighteen, cannot be first-time smokers, and cannot be at risk for addiction, nor can be suffering psychiatric problems.

“It is time that science is more intensively engaged in leisure-time consumption,” notes Dr. Marko Dörre in an interview with Der Tagesspiegel. If only the American government felt similarly!

Dörre also noted that more than 2,000 Berlin citizens have already applied for the study.

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