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Currently, it is estimated that over 20.5 million people are affected with cataracts in the United States alone.  

Last year the U.S. government spent 3.4 billion dollars to treat cataracts through Medicaid.  It can be a fairly expensive surgery and, in extreme cases, can cost the patient their sight.   But what if the key to curing this ailment lied within our own bodies?

A 2015 study found that the compound, Lanosterol, may have the ability to clear up cataracts without the need of surgery.  

I will explain how below but first a quick video to explain exactly what a cataract is…

The lens in your eye works to focus light on the retina (which connects to the brain through nerves, allowing you to see). The lens is made up of a mix of water and different proteins; but when the proteins “clump” together instead of being arranged properly, they can form a cloudy patch on your lens which makes it difficult or impossible to see — this is what’s known as a cataract.  

Although the exact causes are still unknown, researchers suspect that other factors such as smoking, diabetes, and/or lens damage due to wear and tear over the years contribute to the formation of cataracts.

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