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A single mom, Marion Johnson, discovered a small lump between her breasts while taking a shower in May 2015. 

It was later on that she would be diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and only a year left of her life. She underwent 6 months of grueling, intense chemotherapy and when scans discovered that the cancer travelled to the liver. 

She definitely wasn’t prepared, and no one could be for this, to say goodbye to her beloved children she loved so much. She couldn’t sit this down, so she chose immediately to search for alternatives. 

She looked into cold press juicing and going vegan, and went against her oncologist, and changed her diet and included daily vitamins as well as oxygen treatment. Now, one of the tumors has shrunken down and others are stable. 

The article explains: 

When I told my oncologist what I was doing and that I would not have any more chemo he had a go at me and told me it was quackery, that I was wasting my time and money. I just told him he hasn’t got a clue. He is a wonderful doctor but he only knows to do things his way.  

He wants to help and chemo is the only way he can see to help but it’s not. Since I’ve changed my lifestyle one of my tumors has started to shrink and my blood work is perfect. Even the oncologist has admitted I’m remarkable.I’m so well that when I tell people I have cancer they don’t believe me. And then I think they decide I must have one small, treatable tumor.

Despite many protocols that you can experiment and use (one solution doesn’t fit everybody) Marion decided upon trying:
• Only organic produce.
• Daily vitamin supplements.
• Weekly vitamin C intravenous drips.
• Hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatment that delivers pure O2 to restore damaged cells. 
• Dandelion and burdock tea with lemon.
• Fruit and vegetable smoothies made in a cold press juicer (it crushes and presses fresh ingredients to keep their nutrients intact).
• No meat, sugar, alcohol, gluten or dairy.
At first the doctors thought they could remove the lymph node and breast but multiple scans found other tumors in her adrenal glands, stomach and spine. Because her cancer was so widely spread out, the only option left was for her to submit to palliative chemotherapy, that wouldn’t save her life or fight the disease, but keep her alive.

Chemotherapy was very hard for her to undergo every 3 weeks for 6 months. After a round of chemo, she would feel okay for a couple days, and then be hit with nausea and fatigue for days on end. She had required much assistance with her parenting duties, making dinner and maintaining cleanliness of her home. 

Now that she eats healthy, organic food and pure oxygen, as well has a vitamin C supplement, which has improved her overall being. One of her close friends made a Gofundme page to fund her visit to the Gerson Health Centre in Budapest, Hungary, which work with these forms of alternative cancer treatments. If you feel inspired to help, please do!

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