Someone Is Selling A “Human Flesh” Leather Jacket On Etsy For Almost $2,000 – HealthyTipsAdvice

Fashion never stops evolving – and it’s most recent turn is downright creepy. Fashion designers on have introduced a line of clothing titled, ‘Serial Killer,’ and it’s both more than a little creepy and quite expensive.

Modern day fashionistas and stylists, Kayla Arena and Toby Barron, designed this disgusting jacket. 

They designed the jacket to appear as it is actually human flesh as opposed to leather. As you can see, they succeeded. 

Although the jacket is going for a whopping $1,200 dollars, it is sure to give you all sorts of weird feelings, including horror.

Ed Gein was known for using the flesh and bones of his murder victims to make odd pieces of furniture for his home, so you can see why they chose the name for the jacket.

Gross. We certainly hope no one buys it.

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