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We often see strawberries being added in pastries, desserts, and mostly in shakes. Or just being dipped in chocolates. But have you ever heard of Strawberry Water?

This is a season of strawberries so you should use all the effective properties of these delicious, healthy, refreshing fruits that have proved to be very effective in the fight against excess weight.

It is known that consumption of fluids is extremely important for vital and healthy body. The consumption of water is essential, but if you add strawberries, you will get phenomenal drink that simply melts the kilograms .

This magic drink will refresh you and give you all-day feeling of satiety, and in addition, water acts as a natural elixir which has anti-aging properties, while strawberries are natural antioxidants. This drink is rich in vitamin C, iron and folic acid.

Here’s how to do this elixir of youth and vitality:

Put a cup of fresh, cleaned strawberries in 500ml water and leave for several hours in the refrigerator. Optionally, before eating you can add a few ice cubes and a few leaves of fresh mint.

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Source: Just Natural Life

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