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Temporary hair loss can be caused by diet, hormones, disorder in the thyroid gland function, use of steroids, and use of anti-anxiety medications. Stress and depression are frequent causes of hair loss. Hereditary hair loss can start very early in men, even before 20 years of life.

Forty percent of all men suffer from hereditary hair loss.

Shiny and healthy hair doesn’t have to be just a dream for many of us. With a little bit of persistence and good information, damaged hair can be repaired and regrown. Hair growth needs a healthy lifestyle, including nutrition, exercise, stress management and regular skin and hair care. The most of the remedies we use for our skin can be used for the hair too and help in having our dream hair again.

The effect of Dihydrotestosterone hormone (DHT) on hair loss

Warning! If you have problems with hair loss it is possible that it is caused by hormone called Dihydrotestosterone. If you decrease level of Dihydrotestosterone you can stop hair loss and regrow your hair. Dihydrotestosterone can also damage your head skin.

Products of nature with can repair damage and regrow your shine hair. Water rich with calcium is the one of causes of hair fall. Regular massage with natural oils and moisturizers will remove calcium and free your follicles. Massage will also increase blood circulation in head skin and allow healthy nutrition’s to reach the rut of your hair.

Remedies for hair loss and hair growth:

Coconut oil for hair protection
Rich in proteins, minerals and essential oils, coconut oil helps moisturizing skin and hair. Potassium and iron will increase the strength of the hair and protection from the environmental influences. Coconut oil is easy to apply. With fingers to the rut of the hair, gently massaging the head skin. Results are visible after first use.

Aloe Vera juice for hair loss
Aloe Vera juice can be very effective way to stop hair loss and also to increase level of protection. To prevent hair loss, aloe gel can be applied to the head skin directly.

Apple cider vinegar for PH balance
Apple cider vinegar is going to maintain a PH balance of the hair and induce hair growth, clean the skin of the head and prevent dandruff.

Turmeric for dandruff
Turmeric is a spice, but it’s also great addition for oily skin and hair. Helps in problems with acne, repairs wrinkles, stretch marks and dandruff. Turmeric will make your hair brighten and it’s used as a natural way to dye hair.

Onion and garlic for hair regrowth
The benefits of onions and garlic are well known in traditional and alternative medicine. Onions and garlic are very good for hair regrowth. They can be mixed with natural oil, for example the coconut oil. Just apply treatment three times a week for very good results.

Hibiscus for rejuvenation
Hibiscus is known as an elixir for rejuvenation. The use of natural products of hibiscus will rejuvenate your skin, slow graying of the hair and stop the hair fall. Fresh hibiscus flowers, mixed in with natural oil, sesame or coconut, and gently applied to head skin will make your hair healthier very fast. Results are visible already after two weeks. The hair becomes soft, shiny and lush.

Eggs for hair falling
Eggs are rich in protein, phosphorus, sulfur, iron, selenium and zinc. Washing your hair with eggs will bring visible results on first try, and with regular use, hair will stop hair falling and regrowth of new hair will start eventually.

Amla for deep nourishing
Amla is often called Indian gooseberry. Fruit that will deeply nourish your head skin. Hair strength will be improved. Products of amla are available now almost everywhere.

Lemon essential oil for hair regrowth
Lemon essential oil, mixed with other essential oils, like castor oil, is a great natural way to stop hair loss and regrowth new hair.

Castor essential oil for hair care
Castor essential oil in small amounts can be added into the hair mask to help in hair care, hair regrowth and for deep moisturizing.

Coconut milk for hair restoration
Coconut milk is a liquid extracted from a grated coconut, rich in vitamins B1, B3, B5, B6, C, E and minerals selenium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium. It’s used for anti-aging skin care, and benefits for the hair are numerous. Nourishes a hair and restores dry, damaged brittle hair and split ends. Prevents balding and helps regrowth of a hair.

Avocado treatment for hair growth
Avocado oil contains vitamins A,D, E and B6 and minerals including magnesium, folic acid, amino acids, copper and iron. Avocado hair treatment can help with both nourishment and hair growth.

Lime juice for hair quality
Lime juice contains vitamin A, calcium, vitamin C, iron and small amount of proteins. It improve the quality and the texture of your hair. Used regularly lime juice can reduce hair loss and strengthen your hair and prevent breakage. Widely used for a natural lightening of the hair.

Jojoba oil for hair moisturizing
Jojoba oil is a perfect for sensitive skin. Used for massage of the scalp, for moisture and relaxation and relief of dryness. It’s very similar in texture to sebum, the natural oil produced by your head skin that moisturizes your hair and keeps it healthy.

Almond oil for hair repair
Almond oil is a source of magnesium which is a common ingredient in hair products. It’s a natural way to repair split ends and make hair ultra shiny.

Saw palmetto for androgenic alopecia
Saw palmetto is a dwarf palm plant native to North America. It primarily grows along the Atlantic coast. It’s very popular as a herbal remedy for hair loss and baldness caused by androgenic alopecia. This palms effect on hair growth may be in blocking of the hormone testosterone and conversion to DHT.

Nettle root extract for hair stimulation
Nettle root extract is particularly beneficial for over sensitive, dry, and irritated scalp. Treatment is used to strengthen hair, rejuvenate and stimulate the work of the follicles that are in telogen – the “resting phase” mode – before falling out of hair.

Lavender essential oil for hair care
Lavender oil has antifungal, antiseptic, and antiinflammatory properties which makes major benefits an ideal ingredient in our hair care. For health of your head skin, add lavender oil into your hair regrowth treatment.

Tea tree oil for hair regrowth
Tea tree oil is extracted from the leaves of the Narrow-leaved tea tree which is native to the Australia. It is a natural antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and antiinfection oil, promotes regrowth of the hair by healing head skin irritations and infections.

Cedar wood oil for hair loss
This essential oil is obtained by the steam distillation of the wood, which preserves a strong aromatic scent. For hair care treatment are used both the essential oil and hydrosol, the by-product of distillation. Cedar wood oil can be used for hair loss, dandruff prevention and cure for itching.

Treatment combinations for hair loss and hair growth

Foods that are an inevitable part of the household as honey, eggs, oil and vinegar can be very good basis for a mixture of hair care products. Olive oil, avocado, apple vinegar has a beneficial effect on the hair. Create your combination and take regular treatment for a longer period and the general quality of the hair will be improved.

Extra dry hair can benefits from mixture of egg white, argan oil and honey.
For normal hair use olive oil, honey and aloe.
Oily hair will stay longer clean if treated with apple cider vinegar, honey and castor oil.

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Source: Remedy Land

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