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Warning to those people who usually wake up at midnight or early morning to urinate. You must take note of the “3 half minute pauses”. Why is it important? The answer is simple; to keep yourself alive and avoid making your beautiful sleep into a forever rest in peace. 
Have you ever heard of someone so healthy yet in the morning was mysteriously found dead without a probable cause? Sometimes sudden death happens in the middle of our sleep especially when our sleep is being interrupted by our urge to urinate and standing out of bed quickly to go to the bathroom.
 It is because a sudden change in position specifically from lying to sitting, or lying to standing may cause a sudden drop in our blood pressure therefore causes a lack of sufficient blood flow to the brain. 

This may even cause drastic changes in your Electrocardiogram (ECG) tracing that may cause dangerous outcomes such as stroke or heart attack. Also, a sudden drop in your blood pressure due to sudden change in position causes you to feel dizzy and lightheaded making you very prone to accidents such as falling out of bed, or slipping on your bathroom floor.
We encourage you to practice these 3 half minute pauses:
When waking from sleep, avoid any sudden changes in movement such as sitting or standing and remain lying in bed for half a minute.
After a half minute, you may sit on bed for another half minute.
Lower and dangle your legs while sitting at the edge of the bed for the last half minute before standing and walking.
After that series of half minute pauses, you won’t likely suffer from insufficient blood circulation to your brain, reducing the possibility of sudden unexpected death.

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