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EcoWatch interviewed Robert F. Kennedy Jr. last month, where he stated that the “CDC is a subsidiary of the pharmaceutical industry. 

The agency owns more than 20 vaccine patents and purchases and sells $4.1 billion in vaccines annually.” To check the validity of RFK Jr.’s claims, the Director of the Maine Coalition for Vaccine Choice and board members with have opened an investigation to find how many vaccine patents are CDC registered. The excerpt below is from GreenMedInfo, written by Ginger Wagner. I’ve been around long enough to know that many vaccine claims have been tested over and over again. Since the claim is so old, I decided to look into it myself.

I’m lucky to have a partner in advocacy, fellow autism parent, Mark Blaxill, an Intellectual Property expert who has worked for billion dollar corporations to oversee their patents. Blaxill discovered that HHS, with the help of NIH, has ownership of all HPV vaccine patents, and rakes in a certain amount of profit from each administered dose of Cervarix and Gardasil.

Blaxill revealed the truth in an informative three part revelation titled, “A License to Kill? Part 1: How A Public-Private Partnership Made the Government Merck’s Gardasil Partner.”

When I spoke with Blaxill asking him how to conduct a patent search, and he ended up doing it for me. He discovered that 57 US granted patents had the CDC listed as an assignee. 

With the brief review of the patents, only one wasn’t relevant to vaccination, but made reference to an article on vaccination. This leaves us with 56 CDC patents to examine more closely. This is what was found. 
There is CDC patents to vaccines for Flu, Rotavirus, Hepatitis A, HIV, Anthrax, Rabies, Dengue fever, West Nile virus, Group A Strep, Pneumococcal disease, Meningococcal disease, RSV, Gastroenteritis, Japanese encephalitis, SARS, Rift Valley Fever, and chlamydophila pneumoniae.

There also is a patent for the CDC for “Nucleic acid vaccines for prevention of flavivirus infection,” which is within vaccines for Dengue fever, West Nile Virus, Zika, yellow fever, tick-borne encephalitis virus, Parramatta River virus and the Palm Creek virus. The CDC has many patents to administer many “shots” through aerosol delivery systems for vaccines. The CDC has a patent on a method“for producing a model for evaluating the antiretroviral effects of drugs and vaccines.”

CDC also has a patent available for companies who want to test their respiratory system vaccine on an artificial lung system. The CDC also has a patent on the process that determines if contamination is present, so if a vaccine maker is having concerns over their vaccine containing a human rhinovirus, they can use that patent.

They also have a patent on an assay to help vaccine manufacturers in finding antigen-specific antibodies in biological samples. CDC also has a patent that gives vaccine manufacturers the method of “reducing the replicative fitness of a pathogen by deoptimizing codons.” Asserting that, “pathogens with deoptimized codons can be used to increase the phenotypic stability of attenuated vaccines.”

The agency also holds a patent in adjuvants for a vaccine used on young babies and infants, a patent for a vaccine that works against tapeworm infection, and several other patents for vaccines that prevent animal illness such as Fowlpox virus, monkey cancer, Sealpox virus, dog flu and 
Canarypox. This doesn’t sound like these public health agencies are working in our benefit, and they are more interested in investment opportunities.

Based on an article published by March Against Monsanto

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