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This may sound strange to you that toes can say a lot about your future and personality.  According to some studies, that the shape of your feet and toes reveals a lot about your personality and can even predict your future. Read this article and you will discover what your toes have to say.

Big Toe:
Look at your big toe. Is it much longer than the others? If it is it means that you are very smart and creative and can always think of creative ways to solve your problems. You can think outside of the box and are full of ideas. On the negative side, it may be difficult for you to remain focused and can often abandon projects midway.
If on the other hand your big toe is actually smaller than the others you are an excellent multi tasker. It’s super easy for you to make people agree with your opinions; you are a great negotiator and complete your tasks efficiently.
Second Toe:
The second toe is linked to your leadership qualities. The longer it is the better you are in leading people. It also means that you are energetic and resourceful and always stand up for what you believe in. 
You always show initiative and strong desire to do what you think is right, which can be positive and negative at the same time. According to some legends in India, mothers didn’t let their sons marry women who had a longer second toe because they believed that it’s an indicator of a bossy character.
It your second toe is shorter it’s not an indicator that you can’t stand up for yourself, but it means that you are more level-headed and do not rush into things. You always think everything through and wait for your chance to do what you need to do.
Third Toe
The longer your third toe is the more dynamic and resourceful you are at your job. Your main objective is to amount to success in your field of work. According to the Chinese tradition this toe is linked with energy, drive and willpower. 
It also means that you are a perfectionist who always has the willpower to climb the ladder higher. On the negative side you are prone to focusing too much on your work and forgetting about the fun part of life.
If your third toe is shorter you are relaxed and enjoy the small pleasures in life. Nothing seems to get on your nerves and you just love chilling out. Some may say that you’re lazy and lacking initiative, but your motto is life is short so enjoy it while it lasts.


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