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You might not like to talk about it, but our bums, booty, buttocks, or tushies if you will say a lot about your health. 
Our butts have three muscles parts which make up the whole organ: the gluteus medius which is attached to the hip’s side, the gluteus minimus is smallest muscle and the gluteus maximus which is the largest. 
In fact, the gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in the human body and makes up the entire shape of your rear end. Who knew?

These 10 Health Tips About Your Butt That You Should Know! READ THIS NOW!

But enough about the anatomical nature of your bum, this article discuss the few health related issues and topics concerned with our rear.  
Here are 10 health facts and tips concerning your butt
1. Vital to Strength and Posture
Standing, walking, running, getting up, climbing ,etc – many movements involving our legs, thighs, and hips make use of our butt muscles. 
Other parts of the body must compensate whenever our glutes lack the necessary strength to execute these basic movements. That’s what the butt muscles are for. 
If your rear doesn’t have the necessary strength to support your legs then it causes extra and unnecessary stress into other areas of the body, leading to poor posture or muscle imbalance.
2. Shape matters
In a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, researchers learned that “people with…central (abdominal) obesity had the highest risk for death overall from cardiovascular disease compared with people without central obesity, regardless of the BMI.”
Which means, people with more fat stored in their waist, as opposed to the hips or butt, may have a higher risk for developing cancer.
3. Laxatives might be bad for you.
If you’re having bowel problems it can tempting to go buy some laxatives to help you out. According to researchers, laxatives carry a risk of dependence meaning – the functionality of your colon can diminish after you stop using laxatives. 
If you have problems being successful in the toilent – try drinking more water, get more fiber in your diet or exercise more.
4. Sugar alcohol is terrible for your butt
Many people love the “sugar-free” alternative to snacks like cookies or sodas. Unfortunately everything has a drawback. 
Most “sugar-free” products on the label are made up of sugar alcohols – mannitol, sorbitol, xylitol, and others which can’t be absorbed by the body. These indigestible sugars then reach the colon where bacteria within the digestive tract will dissolve them for you. This then leads to potentially-severe gas problems; watery bowels, diarrhea, etc.
5. The shape of your poop can indicate any health issues
Don’t get freaked out – but yes the shape of your poop can determine if you have problems down there or not.
Stool that has an ultra-thin shape may mean there’s an obstruction in the colon or rectum – thus making your feces to “thin out” when exiting. If this happens infrequently then you probably have a problem with constipation. However, if they continue to occur over the period of a month then it’s time to call a doctor.

These 10 Health Tips About Your Butt That You Should Know! READ THIS NOW!


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