These New Earbuds Can Translate Any Language Into Any Language With 98% Accuracy – HealthyTipsAdvice

The world finally has its very own smart ear piece that can give two people, who have different languages, understand each other in translation. 

A New York-based tech firm, Waverly Labs, took two years of research & development to create it. The newest model has a small delay in processing the other person’s words in a computerized voice, in your existing language. 

If we add this technology to our earbuds, computers and smart phones, the benefits could help to unify people.

This earpiece is called Pilot, and works with a second piece through a smart phone app. It goes for $299 to start, but changes vary. It is currently available for pre-order on their online website.

This invention is a huge mark in the move to making new technology that could help foster diversity. 

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