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A popular herb called parsley is very healthy with numerous vitamins and minerals that our body needs. It is a natural booster for our immune system so you don’t get colds, flu and infections easily.

This herb has the potential to kill cancer cells that develop into lung cancer. Up to 86% of the cancer cells can be removed by simply consuming parsley on a regular basis.
The ability to strengthen the body against lung cancer is attributed to apigenin, which is a component found in the herb as well as in other fruits and vegetables such as onion, artichoke, coriander, oregano and celery. 
Experts recommend that you incorporate parsley into your diet every day. You can also make the parsley tea, which has several nutrients, including antioxidants and vitamins A and C. 

Here’s how to make a parsley tea:
-parsley root
-boiling water
Finely dice the 15 grams of the root of the parsley.
Pour the boiling water (about 200 mL) over the parsley.
Let it boil once again for another five minutes.
Cover the mixture and let it cool for about 15 minutes.
Strain the pieces and drink.
You can enjoy the benefits of the parsley tea if you drink three cups every day. Aside from killing lung cancer cells, this tea and parsley itself can help you fight breast, pancreatic, ovarian, and colon cancers.
Source: Stethnews
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