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It’s tough living in the tropical environment of the Philippines. The heat in tropical countries means you have to constantly shower in order to cool off and clean up. Filipinos and a lot of other South East Asians have to shower often just to remove the grime and dried sweat that accumulate on our skins. 
We’re sure many of you know the routine: go in the bathroom, sprinkle some water, use soap/shampoo, rinse and dry. 
But how many of you know how to wash themselves correctly? Some people may not realize that they aren’t showering correctly. You can’t expect to be completely clean by just soaping yourself up for 30 seconds – it doesn’t work that way.
Dr. Nadine Baclagan, a Dermatology resident at UERM Memorial Medical Center warns: “If a person doesn’t shower for days, bad microbes may accumulate causing various bacterial and fungal skin infections (buni, an-an, and had-had). This increased transmission can cause body odor.” 
“Oil build-up in the setting of sweat and pollutants may clog skin pores resulting to pimples,” Dr. Baclagan added. 
If you’re not convinced, then maybe this will help: “Uncircumcised men with poor hygiene are more prone to urinary tract and yeast infections, cancer of the penis, and foreskin abnormalities,” Dr. Baclagan warns.
This Is How You Should Shower Properly! Better Start Doing This Now!
Dr. Baclagan also claims that proper showering has other health benefits like: improving blood circulation, reducing stress, and relaxing the muscles. Read these tips on how you can properly wash away the filth off your body!
1) Avoid using hot water when showering 
According to Dr. Baclagan, bathing in hot water for more than 10 minutes leads to dry skin. She also says that 10 minutes should be the maximum amount of time spent showering. Hot water removes the natural essential oils your skin produces and disturbs the stratum corneum.
The stratum corneum is the outer most layer of skin which protects us from bacteria and other harsh elements.
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