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Every person has emotions. Throughout the day, we feel both positive and negative emotions. We feel happiness and joy, or sadness and depression every single day. The health of our body is highly affected by these various emotions.

The chemicals that are released in our bodies depend on the emotions we are feeling in a given moment. For instance, happiness triggers the release of the hormones serotin, oxytocin and dopamine. Cortisol is released when we find ourselves in a stressful situation. So, the environment of our body depends on the emotions as much as it depends on the other factors such as nutrition, physical activity, environmental negative influence etc.

Some people are often considered to be completely optimistic or completely pessimistic. Feeling only negative or positive emotions also affects our bodies. Bellow we present you the effect of emotions on our bodies.

Negative emotions and thoughts versus Positive emotions and thoughts

Sometimes we remain neutral in a certain situation. However, we often judge a situation or a thing as a negative or positive. Our brain is the one who decides whether something that happens is positive or negative. For instance, some people become very negative when they encounter a traffic jam. Others remain calm and positive like nothing bad is happening. This situation does not depend on us. It can be seen either positively or negatively. Our brain interprets the situation and defines it as positive or negative.

Try to control how you see things

Things are never only black or white. We are the one who define them as such. You are the one who defines whether a situation is positive or negative. You and your body react to the situation according to the interpretation of your brain. Try to improve you self-control. The reaction to any situation affects the heath of your body. When you learn how your emotions affect your general health, you will certainly try to respond more calmly to some situations or things.

Even Hippocrates believed that good health is a result from a healthy mental life. According to him, a person must know the reasons for his illness, before he tries to cure himself or to ask someone to help him with a treatment.

Our body is connected with our brain

The general health of our body is highly affected by our thoughts. Our body depends highly of what happens in our mind. High self esteem and a healthy life style are a result of a calm mind and positive emotions and thoughts. Unhealthy life style, low self esteem and feeling unfulfilled is always the result of negative thoughts and emotions.

The emotions give our body energy. The cellular memory is also capable to store the emotions we are feeling. If you were stressed in a certain situation or by a certain thing, this emotion will be remembered in the cellular memory. Later, you will feel pain and stress, since this situation, person or thing left an emotional mark on you. So, the cellular memory stored the energy from the stressful experience.

Below, you can check the chart of how each emotion or thought that you feel throughout the day affects your entire body.

We often forget about our emotions due to the fast life we live. An injury may cause chronic pain that sometimes even the doctors and the physical therapist cannot cure. This chronic pain is often caused by our negative thoughts and emotions. Try to improve your control over your thoughts and emotions and the pain will start to disappear.

Practicing control over your emotions is hard and long process. But the pain is the sign that our body gives us that something is not well with our minds.

We can control our thoughts and emotions

According to a research, the breath that we exhale when we are angry, jealous or stressed contains toxins that can kill almost 100 guinea pigs in an hour. Therefore, we can say that it is scientifically proven that negative emotions definitely endanger our health.

Due to these reason we must start controlling our emotional life. We must remember that our overall health is more important than reacting negatively to minor issues. We must think carefully before reacting and we must be more optimistic in any given situation in life.

Stay healthy and positive! Share and make your loved ones aware!

Source: Choose Healthy Life

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