This Little Known Simple Trick Will Help You Fight Arthritis and Backache Better Than Pills – HealthyTipsAdvice

Castor oil has great number of health benefits which can help people with different health conditions. It originates from India and obtain many fatty acids like ricinoleic, which give castor oil its medicinal properties.

Castor oil possesses strong antibacterial, antiviral and laxative effects which make it ideal for many conditions. Moreover, it treats chronic constipation, hydrates the skin, and stimulates hair growth.

Due to its many health benefits, castor oil is especially useful for treating arthritis, sciatica and backache.

  • Arthritis

Massage your joints with castor oil, it can treat the inflammation, swelling and stiffness.
Another way is to put castor oil on a clean cloth, cover the joint with it and hold the bottle filled with hot water on top for up to 45 minutes.

  • Backache

Put a little bit of castor oil on your back, then cover it with a cloth. Put a hot water bottle on top and let it sit for 30 – 60 minutes.

  • Sciatica

Constant application of lukewarm castor oil directly to the affected area will provide instant relief.
But, you should keep in mind that castor oil should be used in moderation, otherwise overdosing may result in abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea or cramping.

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