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Tea is one of the world’s oldest and most-consumed functional foods. It has been cultivated, processed, brewed, and enjoyed for many years. It is also the second most highly consumed beverage worldwide, and drinking excessive amount of tea may damage your bones.
An amino acid known as theanine is responsible for tea’s reputation as an energizing, calming, and refreshing drink. This amino acid is unique to genuine tea. Although tea contains small amounts of caffeine, theanine reportedly balances the stimulating effects of caffeine.
Studies also show that theanine is effective in relieving anxiety without sacrificing concentration and focus.
Other health benefits provided by tea:
• Tea contains antioxidants that not only protect us from damage caused by pollution but also help to keep us young.
• Tea contributes to a reduced risk of stroke and heart attack when taken in moderation.

• Although research on this is not very strong, tea might help with weight loss.
• According to the findings of recent animal studies, green tea might prevent bone loss.
• Tea boosts the immune system by helping to tune up immune cells, ensuring they reach their targets quicker.
• The consumption of tea might assist the fight against cancer.
• Herbal tea such as chamomile could be helpful if you have irritable bowel syndrome since it is an antispasmodic.
• Apart from soothing the digestive system, ginger teas can calm nausea.
• Unadulterated tea is calorie free.
Source: positivemed
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