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Experiencing pain in our joints and knees can be a terrible condition. This pain can be unbearable and prevent us from performing the daily activities, making our life more difficult. 

Joint and knee pain can be caused by bad posture, uncomfortable shoes, old age, obesity or extreme weight gain. 
A perfect solution to help you eliminate the pain in your knees is this powerful natural drink. This super healthy smoothie will eliminate the joint and knee pain forever. It will strengthen and repair your tendons and damage ligaments.

Here’s the ingredients:

1 cup of oats in flakes
1 cup of 100% natural orange juice
1 teaspoon of cinnamon
2 cups of pineapples, chopped
½ cup of crushed almonds
Raw honey (optionally, to taste)
 Pour the oats into a small pot and cover them with water. Cook on medium heat until the oats are cooked, then you should turn off the heat and let them cool down.
Make sure to strain the oats then add them to a blender with the other  ingredients. Blend in order to get a smooth mixture. If it is too thick, you can add some water. Consume this drink cold.

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