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The busy lifestyle is undoubtedly the main reason why we frequently experience stress. And as we all know, the stress can have a really damaging effect on our health and lead to different health issues.

So, in order to protect ourselves, we need to stay away from the daily stress.

Is it possible to completely eliminate the stress in just a few minutes?

Maybe you have never heard of this method and this will make you a bit skeptical, but this simple and easy exercise can be of significant help when it comes to reducing the stress. It is a great solution for those who deal with nervous tension.

We are talking about a massage with walnuts!

We all know that there are active points on our palms which are related to the function of our internal organs.

By pressing these points, we can treat various health issues!

The walnut shells provide a very pleasant feeling on your skin and your hands. This natural and simple technique couldn’t be compared to any other acupuncture massager!

Exercise for stress relief and relaxation.

  1. In each hand, you should take 2 walnuts and place them in the middle of your hand.
  2. Press the palm with your other hand and make circular movements.
  3. Massage the top of your fingers of each hand.

This kind of exercise is a great method which will provide immediate calm in extreme situations!

Stay healthy and positive! Share and make your loved ones aware!

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