This Young Woman Felt Something Moving in Her Mouth While Taking a Shower. When She Looked at Herself in the Mirror, She Was Horrified! – HealthyTipsAdvice

Daniela Liverain is a 24-year old Scottish girl who recently got in the news for a bizarre reason. Daniela’s passion is traveling – she has visited different parts of the world, and decided to visit Southeast Asia with only a backpack on her back a while ago. However, besides the great memories, she also brought back a stowaway at home.

While she was in Vietnam, Daniela fell off a motorbike, luckily without any serious injuries. However, she did start getting nosebleeds soon after, although she didn’t let them ruin her adventure. When back home, the nosebleeds became worse. She could feel something in her nose and mouth, a sticky mass touching her lips after taking a shower one day. Worried, she checked herself in the mirror and was shocked by the sight – there was a sticky and veiny mass protruding from her nose which only mean one thing – some kind of creature was living in her body!

Shocked, Daniela went to the hospital, where doctors were able to remove the creature. However, it put up a lot of resistance which made the process painful. The parasite was sucking blood from Daniela’s body, which may have had terrible consequences if not removed on time. The doctors think that it entered Daniela’s body through a water source, and had been living in her for weeks. At the moment of removal, the parasite was 3 inches long!

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Source: Healthy Life Vision

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